Professional training

Tuesday, January 24 2023, 00:00 - 00:00

Ecole Supérieure du Bois


Forests, the green lungs of our planet, perfume the air we breathe. Trees, from their roots to their tops, contain their essential oils, their essences, their perfumes. They are sources of inspiration for perfumers.

In the vocabulary of foresters, gasoline generally refers to a species of tree that is classified by its density, color, resistance … What about their scents?

We are working during this 3-day inter-semester with students of the École Supérieure du Bois in Nantes in order to introduce trees and wood through olfaction: “Tree fragrances & wood species “.

Around an olfactory training program “From the roots to the tops” for 2 days and a half-day devoted to sandalwood and the sandalaceae family to a fascinating exploration of the perfumer’s woody materials coming from trees and plants but also synthesized.

Thanks to the Australian company Dutjahn for the sandalwood essential oils offered to the students.


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