Nosedive into the accord

Thursday, April 06 2023, 16:00 - 18:00



We continue the series of dives into floral accords with the learning of the accord around lily of the valley.

This module will deal with lily of the valley in the various perfumeries, fine and ambience.

An invitation to plunge your nose into a simple perfume accord and create a floral accord inspired by lily of the valley.

This module will allow the learner:

  • to enrich its olfactory culture and its perfume organ around the theme,
  • to immerse yourself in the heart of the material in order to soak up it,
  • to understand the olfactory connections,
  • to create a basic agreement around the subject being dealt with.

French timetables:
2 hours and more if affinities…

English language.
Platform: the online workshop is carried out live on zoom.
An email will be sent to you with the connection details.
We thank you for confirming your registration by email:

Price: 85 euros (Paypal link)

BLACK MAGIC BOX (8): an accord with 8 materials

This online workshop is accompanied by the black magic box (8 raw materials) which will allow you to make an “LILY OF THE VALLEY” accord online.

Equipment such as washers, pipettes, … will be provided with the shipment.

The order of the 8 raw materials box must be made one month before the date of the event in order to be able to make the shipments and to ensure good reception before the day of the workshop.

Order deadline April 6 , 2023.
Price: 105 euros (paypal link)

By purchasing this box, you also access the Osmoart network in order to consult the material sheets and other documents … (we are keen to limit impressions, a minimalist and environmental aspect).


These are a series of online creation workshops on simple perfumery accords.

During 2 hours and more if affinities, the participants will be led to discover an olfactory note in all its seams and to achieve a thematic accord.

A precise approach to the note to master the chord.

You can follow the “nosedive into raw” meetings and other events, by clicking here to the agenda.

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