Design Air

Underground olfactory immersion in Lens-Lievin

published on 2019-03-27


Installation of a manual smell diffusion system inserted on a decor and creation of a scented composition around the theme of the mine and the miners

The manual diffusion system was installed and fixed on the walls of a trunk for an exhibition at the Memorial’14-18 Notre Dame de Lorette, place administered by the Tourist and Heritage Office of Lens-Liévin.

The installation study was carried out with Matthias Delattre, associate designer of the scenography and interior architecture agency, NUÜD (

We have produced an original olfactory design: the underground smell of mines, an olfactory atmosphere essentially reconstituted of geosmin, wet earth molecule evoking depth, with a structure of woody notes, horse animal notes of paracresyl acetate and hay and sulfur notes for remember the firedamp.


  • Study for the installation of a manual odor diffusion system
  • Original olfactory design of an underground atmosphere of mines