Interaction of olfactory cultures in Djibouti

published on 2012-02-11


Invited in 2012 by the French Institute Arthur Rimbaud in Djibouti, this trip is an illustration of our cultural activities whose aim is to promote French olfactory culture and fragrance in foreign and French-speaking countries.

The approach

To create, gather, unite, exchange between the different expatriate and native populations, the different cultures thanks to a common vector: the smell, the perfume.

The achievements:

  • Creation of a perfume market within IFAR
  • Olfactory exhibition (les imagynez) with the general public
  • Olfactory activities in schools from kindergarten to high school
  • Olfactory conference on jasmine with the general public
  • Research of raw materials for perfumery (frankincense, myrrh)
  • Exchange of olfactory culture with the Afar (Danakil) ethnic group