Odyssey in the land of bergamot

published on 2015-05-10


Consultancy and expertises contribution to an Italian citrus company in Reggio di Calabria

I express myself like a bergamot in the morning air. The filtration understood my no one else, is what is important. Amid social struggles, the longing for justice and freedom, the inalienability of the individual: a fragrance!

Odysseus Elytis (Greek poet, Nobel prize winner, originally from Lesvos)

enhance products, enhance a region

In 2015, from May to June, we carry out a consultancy mission in Calabria, in the south of Italy, with the family company CAPUA 1880, specialized in citrus fruits and especially bergamot (Citrus bergamia), essential of perfumery.

This mission focused on various services in order to promote the company and its products.

Quality control actions based mainly on the olfactory analysis of citrus essential oils and specialties.

Creation actions, in the formulation for example of a 100% natural orange blossom.

Communication actions such as the creation of marketing support for sales representatives or in situ photographs for the redesign of the company’s website.

We brought our specialized technical and commercial skills in natural raw materials to the stand of the XIIth International Fair of Raw Materials for Perfumery ( organized by the French Society of Perfumers at the Porte de Champerret in Paris.

This month-long expertise adventure in the land of bergamot continued for a year. She gave birth to many photographs and articles: