Perfumes of trees and essences of woods in Nantes

published on 2019-03-28


«The virtuous man must imitate the sandal tree which, when one fell, perfumes the ax that strikes it. »

Olfactory training for the wood industry

At the end of March 2019, with students and actors from the Ecole Supérieure du Bois de Nantes, we proposed an olfactory and interactive training on « woody scents ».

This introduction to olfactory culture through the olfactory materials of trees is the link with other disciplines such as botany, odor chemistry and extraction processes, traditional uses in perfumery and olfactory space design.

An olfactory conference

« Scents trees and woods essences » for all audiences is told on the grounds of the school:

« The forests, green lungs of our planet, perfume the air we breathe. The trees, from their roots to their tops, contain their essential oils, their essences, their perfumes. They are sources of inspiration for perfumers. « 

The Achievements:

  • Olfactory conference “Scents of trees and wood essences”
  • Olfactory training for professionals and engineering students
  • Wood olfactory systematics
  • Olfaction of woody raw materials