Tell me the scent

published on 2020-02-03

Odor, vector of communication

Since 2018, we have been invited to EFAP (www.efap.com), a reference communication school since 1961, formerly the French School of Press Officers, belonging to the Denis-Huisman group (EDH, created in 1991).

We work with MBA Luxury Communication & Strategies students, alternating in the most prestigious brands with a course on olfaction and the perfume industry.

In January 2020, we are launching a new program entitled « Olfactory Communication & Marketing: Perfume »

For three days, we invite students to communicate with the vector of this communication: smell, perfume.

We love this place where street artists such as Bault, Obey, Lady M, Jonk, Andrea Ravo Mattoni, etc … occupy the space of their graphic art as we perfume it in every place at school.

In total harmony with our vision of artistic perfumery and the creation of this new and olfactory street art.