On the road of Haïtian vetiver

published on 2016-07-29


Olfactory study trip to discover Haitian vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides).

A natural expertise audit

In June 2016, a consultancy trip to Haiti was made to a Haitian company to improve the quality of the essential oil of vetiver and its production.

Welcomed and guided by this company established around Port-au-Prince, we take the road to the south for more than 7 hours.

We meet the producers of cooperatives with which the company is engaged in a NRSC (Natural Resources Stewardship Circle), working for a more responsible development of supply chains for natural raw materials.

We live a few days with the natives.

They show us the different stages of cultivation and harvesting.

In return, we work at the distillery on different batches of essential oils corresponding to distillation improvement tests.

An olfactory evaluation and a modification of the distillation protocols are carried out, the extracts will be analyzed in laboratory by the Chemistry University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis.

  • Travel to different production sites
  • Olfactory evaluation of distillation tests
  • Chromatographic analyzes of essential oils
  • Improvement of the in situ distillation protocol