A cola scent in the classroom in Lavaur

published on 2019-11-10


Invitation to discover the mysterious world of smells and perfume initiation for the children of the class ULIS of the elementary school Arnaud Beltrame of the city of Lavaur.

This ULIS (Localized Unit for School Inclusion) class is intended to accommodate students with disabilities to enable them to fully or partially follow an ordinary school curriculum.

During this workshop, we became acquainted with our senses, especially with the sense of smell, by smelling through the nostrils and the mouth; by the retro-nasal way, the aromas are odors.

We focused precisely on the number of drops of each material in the recipe.

We used neroli, lavender, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, mandarin and lime essential oils to make the scent smell of cola.

We perfumed the class! Perfume for all!


  • Awareness of  our little nose
  • Discovery of nasal and retronasal olfaction
  • Olfaction of each essential oil
  • Handling and pipetting, perfume drop concept