Design Air

Orange blossom atmosphere in an Italian palace

published on 2019-06-09


Diffusion of a scented composition around the orange blossom in a semi-open space.

During our presence at the Smell Festival in Bologna, at the end of May, we installed two perfume diffusion points inside the patio of Palazzo Isolani, an Italian palace with Gothic and Renaissance architectural features.

An air of white flower, an indolic air, charged with indole, molecule-bee, which creates the link between the flower and the human skin.

Tribute to the Italian princess Nerola who deposited the brand name of the essential oil of orange blossom.

Neroli took up the space, diffused for the biggest nasal pleasure of the Italian noses which were expressed: « Zagara! »

« Atmosfere » was the theme chosen for the 10th edition of Smell Festival.


  • Scent diffusion systems
  • Olfactory staging
  • Creation of an orange blossom fragrance