Perfumed journey to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

published on 2018-11-11


Consulting mission to Saudi companies for the development of their scented products.

November 2018, we are in charge of a mission to provide our consultancy to 6 different Saudi projects for the development of scented products: oud-based incense, soaps, toilet perfumes, room fragrances etc …

We are accompanied by Fatimah Alsindi, Business Development Manager for the Torathuna Social Responsibility Company.

We move in the Arab territory for one week, from Ryadh to the cities of the west, Jeddah, Abah and Medina to meet the different actors of the projects.

During this journey, we are inspired by the culture of Asiri and its traditional art, the rose of Taif and projects of sourcing and formulation around the agarwood emerge.

The consultancy actions were:

  • Packaging study and product line development.
  • Study of perfumes in different types of products (incense, soaps, toilet perfumes, etc …)
  • Proposal of specific training adapted to the needs of each company.
  • Research and development of raw materials (Agarwood and Rose de Taif)