At the source of a Japanese citrus fruit : yuzu

published on 2018-06-10


Olfactory study trip to discover yuzu (Citrus ichangensis × Citrus reticulata var. Austera)

An olfactory journey

In June 2018, a journey undertaken to soak up the smells and fragrances of the Japanese culture.

This expedition heads to the Naka Valley, a small typical agricultural paradise of Shikoku Island, to discover the cultivation of Japanese citrus fruit, yuzu and other natural raw materials.

Sensory analyzes

Various essential oils were brought back from this valley and made the qualitative and quantitative study by chromatography thanks to the help of the scientific platform of ISIPCA.

Yuzu has a very particular fruity citrus scent with tangerine accents confirming its hybridization.

  • Visite des productions des plantation de yuzu et usine de production
  • Évaluation olfactive d’huiles essentielles de yuzu
  • Analyses chromatographiques des huiles essentielles
  • Reconstitution 100% naturelle d’une huile essentielle de yuzu